What Customers are Saying About Us!

"I love this product! Never before have I found a daily moisturizer that feels so luxurious and replenishing. And the really amazing quality is how absorbent it is. I love that I can put it on under my daily sunscreen." 

Amy Elizabeth Gordon*

"I truly appreciate the fact that they site the actual medical journals and studies from which they based their product and make their claims of Eavara's age-defying effectiveness."

Monica Callen // Phoenix, AZ*

"We love Eavara's Age Defying Moisturizer. We got it for Christmas and are very excited. We feel the difference. Our skin feels so soft! Thank you Santa. We needed it."

Diane Button and Friends // Marin, CA*

"Eavara impresses me that their product comes in a glass container rather than plastic, which from the get go sends the right message. Don't be concerned that the lighter consistency of Eavara won't do the job, it really does. My skin feels soft & I like the fact that there is very little scent to the product."

Deanna Cornett // San Diego, CA*

"I only used it for 2 days, but I can already say that it works for me! It's natural, it gives my skin all that it needs, leaving the skin soft and hydrated!"

Elena Callas // Minnesota*

"Just received this face cream in the mail and I must say it is the best face cream I ever used. I will definitely be purchasing again."

Julianne Adinolfi // Philadelphia, PA*

*Actual results may vary