Turn Back Time with These 7 Easy-to-Follow Makeup Tips!

By the time we reach middle age, we know ourselves well, from what we really like to how best we thrive. But what sometimes eludes us is how to use the transformative powers of makeup in our favor. Applied incorrectly, and what we hope to enhance only distracts, while what we hope to mask only reveals itself more. Whether you want to tone down or tart up, enrich or disguise, consider these expert—and truly timeless—tips:

1. Suds Up

Starting with a fresh palette is crucial to creating a flawless face. Use an organic, gentle cleanser and circular motions to encourage blood flow. Such gentleness should also extend to how you dry—rubbing your face with a rough towel puts you at risk for flakiness, rashes, and worse. Pat your skin pretty and be extra careful around your eyes—the skin here is far more tender than anywhere else on your face.

2. Slather It On

Foundation functions best when it can be absorbed into soft, nourished skin. Your Eavara Age Defying Moisturizer boosts radiance while locking in the benefits of its pure, botanical ingredients—effectively prepping your skin for foundation while also protecting it from age-advancing free radicals.

3. Choose Your Color Carefully 




You select everything from shoes to food with a wise, watchful eye—and the same discrimination should apply to your foundation. Aim for yellow tones that will warm your skin—a shade too light and you run the risk of washing yourself out; a shade too dark and you’ll give your skin a dull, muddy look. And don’t forget to blend a touch beyond your jawline: few things scream unpolished more than a telltale line between your neck and chin. 

4. Err on the Side of Light 

Dark, vampy lips may have been all the rage when we were twenty and tossing back Long Islands in the dim light of bars. Now that we’re older, we ought to know better: dark shades thin our lips, which have a tendency to narrow and lose collagen with time. Instead, opt for a coral or rose that enhances your natural shape. Bonus tip: apply a dab of gloss in the center of your bottom lip for a plumper, prettier pout.

5. Blush Like a Schoolgirl

In other words, pay attention to where you apply your blush if you want a dewy, convincing flush. Swept on too low and you’re bound to bring your face down; swept on too high and you’ll miss the chance to lift and define. Apply it towards the tops of the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards: it’ll raise your features and turn back time.

6. Raise an Eyebrow

It isn’t just the hair on our head that thins with each decade: eyebrows are susceptible to growing sparse as well. For a fuller, more youthful brow, use a pencil close to your natural shade to fill in patches and define your arch. And resist the temptation to reach for the tweezers when you’re in between waxes: over-plucking is one of the biggest culprits of adding on years.

7. Draw an Outline

Definition fades with age—and not just in our muscles: the skin on our eyelids crepes with time, blurring our wide-eyed innocence in more ways than one. To brighten and open your eyes, apply a straight, slender line as close to the upper lashes as possible. And don’t overlook jewel-toned hues: they’re an elegant touch that can make your eye color pop.

But the best beauty tip of all won’t be found in a bottle: it’s your wisdom within, which only grows more graceful and gorgeous with age. Own it, and there’s no doubt you’ll turn heads! 

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