Thanks for the Love!

"My skin on my face has improved enough for me to notice a difference since I started using it - and I will be purchasing it again and making it part of my skin routine. I love that it does not have chemicals that I do not want in my products and that they do not use animal testing."

Shellie Savage*

"I love the fact that I can use the same product morning and night. My skin was immediately happy after its first application and it continues to show micro improvement with each use."

Diane Hall*

"We love Eavara's Age Defying Moisturizer. We got it for Christmas and are very excited. We feel the difference. Our skin feels so soft! Thank you Santa. We need it!

Diane Button & Friends // Marin, CA*

"I am surprised about how much this lotion has helped my skin. After using it two times a day for a week, I have noticed that my face feels "tighter" in a way. Fine lines seem to be fading and my skin is overall smooth and clear."

William E. Long*

"I look for skin products, that are safe, natural, organic, free of animal testing, free of harmful chemicals. I look for skin products that Smell great, apply smoothly, freel refreshing, and improve my skin texture, and appearance this cream covers all this categories. Each time I use it I am amazed that I can see results almost instantly. I will continuously use this cream and I highly recommend it."

Luis R. Diaz Laabes*

"I believe in a natural lifestyle and I  wanted the all benefits of a  scientifically based anti-aging product, but in a true organic skin care product. I was so happy to find one that combined natural, organic, botanical elements with none of the parabens, petroleum products, or other harsh chemicals. And I would be leery of anything that calls itself 100% organic without any stabilizers, as I am afraid it might quickly go bad in our Arizona heat. I truly appreciate the fact that they site the actual medical journals and studies from which they based their product and make their claims of Eavara's age-defying effectiveness. The last thing that compelled me to buy this product is the fact that they guarantee it forever. Wow. That is a guarantee!"

Monica Callen // Phoenix, AZ*

"I can see a difference in the 'parenthesis' around my mouth. They are smoother and much less noticeable, and the uneven tone/dark spots are lighter. My skin on my face has improved enough for me to notice a difference since I started using it - and I will be purchasing it again and making it part of my skin routine. I love that it does not have chemicals that I do not want in my products and that they do NOT use animal testing."

Pandalana W.*

"My skin has happily devoured this and responded in an unexpectedly impressive way. For the first time in my life (knocking on the big 5-0) I actually thought 'I should have taken before and after pics!'. I don't know what makes this stuff so much better than any I have tried before, but for me, it works."


"I have very sensitive skin, so when I review a skin product, I refrain from rating it until I can see the lasting results on my skin. I can honestly say that this is an excellent product for sensitive skin. It doesn't have an offending fragrance and it is very whipped and light. I goes on easily and absorbs completely and 'cleanly'. My skin actually thirsts for it now. Results have been very good."


"Eavara impresses me that their product comes in a glass container rather than plastic, which from the get go sends the right message. Products containing essential oils should be stored in glass not plastic. I have normal to dry skin & have found that Eavara gives me an adequate level of moisturizing whether I first apply argan oil or I don't. So don't be concerned that the lighter consistency of Eavara won't do the job, it really does. My skin feels soft & I like the fact that there is very little scent to the product."

Deanna Cornett // California*

"....My skins texture is better and it does have a radiance to it. Highly recommend this product and will continue to use... a good note is this company stands behind their product 100% and have a forever money back guarantee. That says a lot about the product."


"I am very pleased with this product. A tiny bit goes a long way. First application, I put just a bit on my finger and it spread so well that I also applied it on my neck and chest.

I've only been using this for a few days, but I can already see my skin looking brighter and smoother. I've also changed my diet, so I'm sure that contributes, too."

Megan D. // Baton Rouge, Louisiana*

"I absolutely love this cream so far! I've been using it about a week. A little bit goes a long way, so I suspect this jar will last me several months. I appreciate the mainly natural ingredients.

It's light weight, but very hydrating and smooth with a pleasant smell. My skin is smoother and better hydrated than it's been in months! I would recommend this to anyone."

Jaimie Levin // Kansas City*

I have incredibly dry skin, and I always have trouble finding something that works for my face. This stuff is great. Even though there is only 1.7 oz, a little bit of it goes a long way.

Sarah Robinson*

"This is one of the best anti-aging moisturizers I have seen. I love absolutely everything in the product, it's all very natural and organic and I know that every ingredient in it works to make my face look healthier and more younger. the oils and butters in the product fight wrinkles, and after just a few uses my face looks so much healthier. This is going to be a regular morning and evening routine from now on."

Mona Mull*

"Just received this face cream in the mail and i must say it is the best face cream i ever used. I will definitely be purchasing again."

Julianne Adinolfi // Philadelphia, PA*

*Actual results may vary