How to Care for Your Eavara Organic Products to Achieve Best Results

You know the power and pleasure found in following a holistic health and beauty routine.

Yoga for youthful skin? Check. Preservative-free haircare products for shiny locks? Check! Daily supplements and a plant-based diet that’s bursting with antioxidants? Check again. And organic skincare to awaken your inner radiance? Of course.

You also know that the key to optimal health and natural beauty is found in, well, nature. Managing stress, staying hydrated, sleeping well, and smiling as often as possible—these are the chief ingredients of the best version of you.

But what you haven’t quite figured out is how, exactly, to care for your organic skincare products. With their delicate compositions and “alive” ingredients, they’re hardly as hardy as jars of petroleum jelly—and it doesn’t help that the internet is awash with conflicting views on how to properly care for them, from storing sunblock in the refrigerator to keeping your toner at room temperature.

Want your organic essentials to retain their spa-worthy benefits? Before you shove aside your soy milk to make room for your moisturizer, consider these simple, surefire steps:

1. Only use with clean hands

Dipping dirty fingers into a jar of moisturizer is akin to eating a gourmet meal with unwashed hands. From pressing a button on an elevator to opening a door, our fingers are in constant contact with a host of bacteria.

To protect your organic products from microbial contamination, make a rule to wash your hands immediately before use.

2. Keep an eye on the time

Expiration dates exist for a reason: Products past their prime will result in phase-separation (goopy lotion, anyone?), a funky odor, and far less efficacy. This is particularly true of green products, which strive to contain little or no parabens (read: those icky chemicals commonly used to extend shelf life).

Organic products are comprised of active ingredients that are vulnerable to oxidation and the passage of time, so you should toss your product when it’s reached its peak. Otherwise, you’re putting your skin at risk for infection, rashes, and breakouts—which is anything but pretty.

3. Store smartly

The controversy might still be out on whether or not you should store your organic goods in the fridge, but one thing holds true: they should always be kept in a cool, dark place. Organic products left on the bathroom counter are vulnerable to humidity, light, even the hot air from your blowdryer—and one of the biggest culprits of spoilage? Temperature. Heat causes those awesome oils in your product to break down and decompose while creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, all of which impacts the quality of your product.

4. Shop wiser

Nourishing botanical ingredients are the foundation of choice organic products—the very reason we buy and use them. But, without stabilization, those fragile ingredients can go rancid fast. (Just think of that yogurt-papaya face mask you made at home!)

Your Eavara Organic Age Defying Moisturizer combines the best of both worlds, pairing nature’s powerful ingredients with state-of-the-art manufacturing to ensure stability, freshness, and potency.

What’s more, our moisturizer comes in a clear jar so that you can monitor consistency and volume, guaranteeing that you always have enough of our prettifying product.

Who knew simple could be synonymous with oh-so-beautiful?

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