1. What is the shelf life of your creams?

Since our creams are made with natural and organic ingredients we recommend using them within 12 months for optimum quality, freshness, and effectiveness.

2. Do your products contain Parabens?

Never! We’re committed to never using parabens or other harsh chemicals in our products because of the negative effects they have on your skin and overall health. Learn more about what dangerous chemicals are hiding in commonplace moisturizers, and why they’re detrimental to your health.

3. What preservatives are used in your creams since they are all natural?

4. Do you test on animals?

Never! We believe animals are sacred and shouldn’t be harmed by testing. Our commitment to cruelty free  is listed on Leaping Bunny’s database.

5. Should I refrigerate my products to maintain freshness?

We do not recommend keeping our products in the refrigerator, instead keep them stored in a cool and dry area. Keep in mind, they are all natural without artificial preservatives, and thus are susceptible to contamination if not handled with clean hands and/or skin care tools.

6. How should I apply the products?

Either use clean hands or an applicator when getting product from the jar or pump. By doing this, you’ll products fresher longer.

7. Where do you source your ingredients?

Inspired by the natural wonders and beauty of our native Hawaii, we’ve carefully selected organic, natural, and eco-ingredients from locations around the world. Places called Paradise.

Prior to the development of new products we carefully select each ingredient and evaluate them for quality, potency, and effectiveness. Whenever possible, we source our ingredients from local organic growers in Hawaii. We’re committed to supporting local farmers, sustainability practices, and sourcing beneficial ingredients for your health and wellness.

8. Does Eavara have a meaning?

“E-A” means life, air, breath, and “VARA” means best or most excellent. By melding these two ancient words, Eavara represents giving the Best of Life, and strives to do so in every way with it comes to your beauty and health.

9. Why is Science important to your products?

We believe perfect harmony when it comes to skin care is achieved with both Nature and Science work together. All of our formulas are crafted with the highest quality organic and natural ingredients that are clinically validated for radiant youthful skin. Our line is developed in Hawaii, but crafted in our state-of-the-art facility in North America, entirely done in accordance with current The Universal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

10. Which scientific studies validate the effectiveness of your ingredients?

Refer to the following Scientific Medical Journals:

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