If eyes are the windows to your soul, then the skin underneath them is a porthole into your health. Burning the candle at both ends? Dipping into the candy jar? Swapping Jimmy Fallon and Sleepy Time Tea for barhops and martinis? You don’t have to say a peep: The skin underneath your eyes will spill all your secrets.

But before you seriously consider whether or not you can pull off sunglasses at the office, consider these 7 savvy tips for banishing under-eye circles:

1. Show Yourself Some Love

Be gentle when you wash off your eye makeup at night (because you are removing that winged liner before you crash, aren’t you?) The skin underneath your eyes is ultra-sensitive—and super prone to inflammation and broken capillaries—so baby it like a newborn. Use a mild makeup remover that’s free of irritating chemicals, wipe with care, and follow it up with our nourishing organic Age Defying moisturizer.

2. Find a Fabulous Concealer

The power of an excellent concealer cannot be overlooked: It evens out skin tone and disguises those blue undertones that come creeping out when you’re exhausted. Cream concealers are plenty of makeup artists go-to choice for their staying power and velvety feel.

3. Play Up Your Lips and Ears

On especially hurtful mornings, reach for those dangly earrings and use a bold, flattering color on your lips. Or, rock a scarf that contrasts beautifully with your hair and apply an extra coat of mascara to lift your overall look.  The point is to divert attention from what you’re hoping to hide.

4. Get Some Shut-Eye

There’s a reason why late nights are synonymous with under-eye bags and shadows: Due to poor circulation from a lack of sleep, blood has a tendency to pool underneath your peepers when you scrimp on shut-eye. Can’t squeeze in a nap? Consider a few yoga inversions. It’ll redirect your blood flow and give you a quick boost.

5. Drink Lots of H20

Like an athlete in training, that is: Dehydration exacerbates under-eye circles while giving the rest of your complexion a saggy, sallow look. Keep a water bottle with you while you run errands, on your commute, and at your desk. Refill, repeat, and replenish.

6. Be Religious About Sunscreen

Exposing this tender area to the sun without protection is basically asking the gods for under-eye rings. Invest in a moisturizing, chemical-free brand and be vigilant about applying it.

7. Get Garden-Glowy

Yes, yes, you’ve heard it a bajillion times before: Use cucumber slices underneath your eyes to de-puff and revitalize. The cooling effects of cucumber are well-documented, but here’s something you may not have thought of: Cucumbers contain skin-enhancing antioxidants and flavonoids, both of which have been found to improve elasticity, clarity, and pigmentation.

Don’t have time to chill out with these summer spears? Consider an under-eye cream that includes caffeine. They shrink bag fasts, brighten, and smooth. In other words, they’re like a latte for your face—sans the caffeine crash and calories.